How do you like your coffee?

With the Paderno sale winding down (hurry in if you still want a ceramic ecopan, there are still a few left), we start to look to our other stock for gifts for the wedding season. For the coffee lover, there are so many options, it’s hard to choose. Anything from the SunCafe single pod brewer to a stove top espresso from Cuisinox, to a french press from Bodum. If you love coffee, you probably have a favorite for the home and a backup option for camping/traveling. Or perhaps you love to hit your local cafe for a barista made cappuccino. Here’s a basic run down of the options we carry here in the store:

Suncafe Single Pod Brewer: This is great for the home where only one or two in the family drink coffee in the morning. It’s easy to let the “habit” escalate when there’s a full pot to drink. This brewer will give you fresh individual cups, letting everyone choose their own flavour. The pods look like round tea bags, so there is very little waste. It won’t do espresso or cappuccino (doesn’t have the pressure in the pump) but it’s priced accordingly at $114. With coffee pods and warranty coverage coming from the Calgary headquaters, it’s as convenient for service and refills as it is to use.

Cuisinart Coffee Makers: The more common drip brewers are still a favorite for the heavy coffee drinker or a family of caffeine addicts. We like Cuisinart because of the fabulous 3 year warranty (handled here in store – no shipping for you!) and the quality of the machines. They have a small water filter to remove any impurities, an optional thermal carafe to hold your coffee fresher longer, and the deluxe model includes a built in burr grinder for the perfect pot.

Percolators: We have an electric cordless model from Cuisinart and a couple of different stove top options. A cleaner version of the original “cowboy coffee”, percolators give you a deliciously strong brew. Just watch out for the odd grind that gets through the filter.

French Press: Another older style of coffee, these inexpensive tools can also be used for loose leaf tea. Keep in mind they require a coarser grind; smaller grinds will get through the screen. However, the press is a simple, quick way to brew your black nectar (my nickname for coffee sometimes) anywhere. A popular option for camping or work, since all you need is access to hot water. Bodum is a great brand since they offer most of their parts as replacements; if you break the glass or your screen wears out you don’t need to buy a whole new unit. (And yes, we carry a wide selection of parts!) The deluxe option here is the double walled, vaccuum stainless steel model. No risk of breakage and it holds the heat of the coffee inside where it belongs!

Now, I’ve limited this to regular coffee in the interest of brevity; we have severage espresso options I’ll chat about next time! Feel free to comment with your thoughts on the different methods of coffee making at home or at camp. 🙂