Owner / Curator

Owner of the shop and curator of great things for the Kitchen and Home. A background in restaurants, resorts and education.

Nicole has a passion for real food and helping people to find their groove in the kitchen.

Nicole has also put her hat in the ring for City Council!

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Tech / Research

Nicole’s brother and our local whiz at all things tech and research. Ask him about any detail and he’ll be happy to fill you in on all the reasons why we sell the products we’ve chosen.

Customer Support

Cake Decorator for Kat’s Sweet Shoppe, Kat loves to cook for her young family. She is great at helping you figure out what tools you need for your recipe, or how to re-purpose tools you already have in your kitchen. She’s been known to share recipes, too, if you ask nicely!

Customer Support

Teresa has been with the store nearly since the beginning in 2003. She makes sure that we don’t get too caught up in the latest tech and forget the basics. Full of great ideas, she’s happy to help you find what you need.