Hello from the CGTA!

Good morning everyone! Here we are in Toronto at the CGTA Trade Show, where we do our touchy geeky buying for the year. It’s weird to see so many Christmas trees this time of year, but that’s our job. To hunt out the best products, for the best prices, from the most responsible suppliers and distributors.
Today is our day to wander through the half of the show that pertains to our little store. It took a day and a half to wander the entire show last year, so we’ll see how we do this time. We aren’t kidding when we say we have access to a much larger variety than what we bring in as normal stock in the store. Customers are always welcome to browse our catalogs to find the right accessories for their decor.
Stay tuned tonight for a look at our day, and maybe some teasers of new products we see!