Grow It Cook It

Make 2017 your year.

I remember 2013; I found myself working 30 hours a week for a moderate salary. Not enough for a new car, but enough that I wouldn’t need to stress so much. I reflected that I was working 3 jobs to make ends meet before this; working so many hours that I had no time to cook anymore, let alone garden. So, in 2013, I made a point of taking this new found “Free Time” and getting involved with the LFI. I learned to garden in the mountains and got back into cooking for myself instead of relying on processed and restaurant food.

2017 is Canada’s 150th birthday. Being Canadian has always meant a certain amount of self-reliance; we get it done. The food movement, especially here in Revelstoke, is gaining a lot of steam. The governments at all levels realize that food security is an issue that we, the voters, care about. Consumers are gaining an unprecedented level of awareness of product sources and manufacturing processes. We care where we spend our dollars, and the producers have been stepping up their game. More locally produced food is available now than has been the case for many years.

The Revelstoke Local Food Initiative, a group I’ve been involved with ever since that first year of gardening, has been working hard to bring many educational programs to Revelstoke to increase our food literacy at all ages. They hold cultural events that celebrate food and gardening, as well as art and general well being. By supporting this group with your membership, you add your interests and abilities to the effort. Volunteer your time, consider applying for one of the many seasonal employment contracts, or simply enjoy discounted rates for the various events. Members get a discount here at Big Mountain Kitchen for all of our Food Processing products, as well as free access to the rental library of larger equipment that we host here at the store.

During the March Membership Drive, we’ll be celebrating all of the amazing efforts of this group. Come in and ask questions, get your membership in person, and check out all of the amazing equipment you’ll have access to. Individual Annual memberships are currently $10 off to give you that extra incentive (use coupon code MARCH2017 on the LFI website). If you want to connect with some of the people who are involved, join the LFI at any one of the following events:

You can read all about their amazing programs on their website, I hope to see you all involved and excited about the growing season around the corner!