Green Cleaning Tips for the Whole Home

How clean is your home?

Do you know?

Do you care?

Of course you do. There are so many ads out there that claim their cleaners “kill 99.9% of germs”, but what does that mean in the real world? What do those chemicals do in our homes and environment? Are they safe?

We partnered with the North Columbia Environmental Society to once again bring you a Green Cleaning Workshop here in Revelstoke. Kate walked us through some common problems with modern cleaning products and explained the typical ingredients used in homemade cleaners. She walked us through recipes for all purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, a bathroom scrub & Scour and laundry soap.

Download some great recipes here from the David Suzuki Foundation.

If making your own cleaners seems impractical in your life, we also discussed some commercially available safe cleaners available here in Revelstoke. We even discussed the price difference to Amazon – spoiler alert, local businesses are your better buy!

Missed the workshop? We took video!

The main video runs for about 20 minutes for the workshop, then there’s a Q&A discussion with great insight through our guests for another 16 minutes or so.

Watch the video on Youtube

Summer Market Events

Our store is here to support you in living well without breaking the budget. We’re always happy to answer questions about what tools really make sense for the recipe you’re trying, which is why we’re moving to producing more video content this summer.

Join us every Saturday morning during the Farmers Markets in Downtown Revelstoke (starting with the Spring Block Party May 5th). We’ll have a demonstration of some skill or tool to make cooking a simpler experience. We’ll be partnering with other local businesses and artisans to showcase the wealth of knowledge in our city.

For those who are out of town or camping on Saturdays, we’ll also be broadcasting these demos live on both Facebook and Youtube. The video content will also be edited afterwards, just like this video here, as we build our library of useful demos and tips for your home.

Follow us on Instagram or Facebook, subscribe to our email community, and keep an eye on the store for inspiration for a Big Mountain Lifestyle!

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