Going Underground

This summer has brought us quite the ride, hasn’t it? As we settle into the fall, trying to stay safe and calm, we need to build new routines. 

I really appreciate the support we’ve been getting from our customers, and I’m glad we’ve been able to help with incredible products to achieve your kitchen goals, and that you’re willing to try out our online shopping experience. We’re going to continue to support you this winter, but we’re going to be doing it a little differently. Until we can find a more appropriate physical space to serve you, we’re closing our downtown showroom and going underground.

Our current space is rather large and getting more difficult to operate as Revelstoke grows. Going Underground will allow us to be nimble, and instead of guessing what to bring in to fill the shelves, we can collaborate with you and get exactly what you need. We’re literally going downstairs, leaving our main floor open for another business to serve the community. 

You will still be able to shop with us online, and schedule pickups of your orders downtown for the same day if it’s in stock, and if we’re ordering it for you, our website will help keep you informed of timelines. 

Just like you, we don’t know what the future holds, but we know we’ll be ok after the dust settles. And we’ll all be cooking with more confidence!

For now, help us clear the excess inventory and learn how to shop and dream with us online.

The showroom in downtown Revelstoke is open 11-3 Wednesday – Saturday for only 1 more week; hurry in to get deals up to 60% off as we cut back to just the essential items.

Look for our displays popping up around Revelstoke this fall, and join our BMK Family to stay in the loop as we put together incredible Christmas dreambooks for your wishlists. This winter won’t be easy, but together we can make it one to remember as the year we made great meals and invested in our home spaces.