Gift Vouchers for a Covid Christmas

Finding the perfect gift – it’s a different experience this year. Scroll down for our Gift Ideas and the backup plan – Gift Vouchers and Certificates!

First off, we’re not able to gather like we used to, so to whom and how do we gift this year? The Flaming Bag of Christmas is one example of a fun local adaptation of a gift exchange, spreading joy through these trying times. Each of us have our traditions, some easier to modify for Covid than others. While many may be difficult, some of the traditions that had slipped off in past years because of being “busy” are seeing a resurgence. Like the great bread bake, and handwritten letters and zoom calls to family near or far.

We’re all being pushed to have patience – backorders are common and shelves aren’t as full as they normally are, hours are sometimes shorter and staff not as plentiful. Just like family gatherings however, many of your favourite local makers and shopkeepers have gotten creative and worked hard on their online channels to connect. Check out the Revy Open for Business and Made in Revy Facebook groups for example!

This makes it easier for your out of town family and loved ones to shop for you from the local stores, too! We just had an order for gifts from a family member in New Zealand, and got them delivered later in the same day, no delays 😉

THANK YOU to everyone who has come and found us at our new location! Our store has been on a ride this year, but our new smaller showroom is perfect for us! We get to stay downtown in Revelstoke for convenient browsing and meeting with you in person. Since we have fewer displays to maintain, we can focus our energy on you and a more personalized collection.

This website is our communication tool with you, our BMK Family. Together, let’s handle the research, stories and paperwork remotely online, so that our visiting time can be more valuable :). Thank you to everyone who has given it a try and engaged with the website before coming in to browse – I’m loving how it feels like we’re picking up in store where we left off in the chat box!

Gift ideas for their home

Let’s get to it though – Christmas is almost upon us and we have some great gift ideas in our collection! If you don’t see something that suits, reach out in the chat box, or stop by the showroom during our extended hours this week (11 – 6pm, 10-4pm on Christmas Eve) and have a look around. There are still items we don’t have listed yet. We also have the voucher options – Knife Sharpening or Credit in Store (scroll down for more info!)

Taco Night

Pizza Night

Coffee Lovers

For when we gather again!

Vouchers for items on route

Many items are available for pickup (look for the green “2 in stock”), but in case you’ve got your heart set on something that won’t arrive in time to go under the tree, we have printed Preorder Confirmation cards that you can wrap for them. Tracking details are on the card, so they can easily follow along with the status of their order online. 

Gift Certificates

gift voucher available in store and online

With our new gift certificates living in the website for online shopping use, you have two options to purchase credit for a loved one:

Do you know their email address?

YES – use the Gift Certificate – you can choose what day to send the credit and add a personal message. They can use it immediately online, or mention it in store to use there.

NO – (or you want something tangible you can wrap up), use the Gift Voucher. We’ve got them printed in store to gift in person, and they can ask to register the credit for online use if they’d like.

The Gift of a Sharp Knife

For a great “Token of Appreciation” consumable gift idea, we have vouchers for knife sharpening available! Usually, they don’t need a new knife, they just need a great edge put back on the ones they have. We offer affordable knife sharpening services in store for all 15 and 20 degree straight edge knives.