Gift Registries

When people we love get married, we all want to chip in for your new life together. We know you’ve been together for several years and have many things already, but we want you to have nice things to give you memories for years to come.

If you’re engaged to be married this year, congratulations! Let me invite you to register here at Big Mountain Kitchen & Linen instead of anywhere else.

  • We’ve brought in a great selection of affordable, responsibly sourced and environmentally friendly products, with much more to arrive in the spring.
  • With our long list of suppliers, we can often find what you’re looking for if we’re given enough time.
  • We choose companies that let us handle warranties locally in store instead of you calling 1-800 or driving to a service centre.
  • We often have parts available for our products as well, since if you invest in a good coffeepot, you shouldn’t need to buy a whole new unit if a lid breaks.
  • We’re offering online access to registries, making it easy for out of town guests to shop with confidence and not need to bring a gift in their luggage.


If you’d like to set up a registry with us for 2016, please fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch to set up your page on the website so you can include the right information on your wedding website or invitation information. We do also have invitation inserts available for those who register before they send out their invites! We suggest waiting until the new year to set up your registry; we do our main ordering for the spring/summer at the end of January, so we can either go looking for your style, or you can choose later from what we bring in. With a new inventory system in testing for the holidays, I’m hoping to have smoother online ordering available for our 2016 brides.

If you are getting married this winter, please fill out the form and we’ll in touch to schedule your registry as soon as possible!

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