Gift Guide – Bread Maker

There is nothing quite like home made bread…its warm, hearty, and a true feat for any baker. We have compiled a list of great tools to make the perfect loaf at home.

breadbannetonLet it Rise

Maison Cash Stoneware Bowls are a classic for a reason; practical, beautiful, and timeless. We have a variety of sizes to fit the need of any baker.

Bannetons, a proving basket made out of cane reeds, are amazing for letting your dough rise. Bannetons (also known as Brotforms) are different from your standard bowl because they breathe from all sides, and add a artisanal look to the finished loaf (see the image on the right).

For the best baking results, baking stones and stone loaf pans make a great gift. They are more porous so they are able to absorb any excess moisture to put a delicious crust on the bread.

Storing and Serving

Regardless of where you get your bread, Bread Boxes and Bags are a practical and stylish way to store bread.

Bread boards are a great way to catch crumbs for both cleanliness and a way to save for future use in other recipes, and a good bread knife is the way to a bakers heart.

Gadgets for Stocking Stuffers

True bakery recipes these days rely on weight rather than volume measurements in order to be more accurate (especially in our rain forest climate). Digital Kitchen Scales are a great addition to any kitchen, especially a bakers. We proudly stock the Escali line of kitchen scales and offer lifetime warranty coverage here in store.

Smaller gadgets, such as timers, sifters, dough risers, and bread scrapers are the perfect final touches on a gift. For more details on our smaller gadgets and everything mentioned in this post, watch the video below!