Getting back to the Spirit of Christmas

A Zero Waste Christmas… is that even possible? It might be a bit of a stretch, but shouldn’t we at least try? Let’s be mindful this year; let’s think of ALL the costs, from Lust to Dust, before we go ahead and buy the “perfect gift”.

Gifts with meaning; that create memories, provide nourishment for the body and the soul, that start a story with our loved ones.

Gifts that come from businesses and makers that we love and respect; this is the season that pays for our livelihoods. Make someone you know do a jig this month, not contribute to a CEO’s second yacht.

Gifts that will last a long time, or will return to the earth quickly and quietly, not languish for years in a landfill after a few hours use.

I joke a lot, that you know you’ve “grown up” when you’ve gotten an appreciation for practical gifts. I’m not talking about a dish drainer or toilet bowl brush! I’m talking about a new favourite mug that reminds your niece that you love her every morning when she has her cuppa. The soup pot that provides your son’s family great meals for years to come. The fresh towels that perk up a bathroom and let them use the old ones for their dog after a summer swim.

Or perhaps it’s not from my store at all; maybe it’s a gift certificate for a date with your partner at a local restaurant. Maybe it’s day tickets for the ski hill so the whole family can enjoy some sunshine together despite a busy schedule. Maybe it’s tickets to a performance at the Performing Arts Centre when your parents are visiting.

Regardless, I hope that you enjoy a meaningful holiday season with your loved ones near and far. We’re happy to help pick out tokens of your appreciation for a host, for a teacher, for a colleague or boss. Mom, dad, grown kids, we’ve got the quality pieces for their home that will put a twinkle in their eye.

If we don’t, we’ll point you in the right direction here in Revelstoke. There is an incredible collection of small shops with unique items perfect for our Mountain Lifestyle!

Merry Christmas everyone,


2 thoughts on “Getting back to the Spirit of Christmas

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I’m forwarding your email/blog posts back to Virginia to prove that real people inhabit this northern corner of the world. It may be cold here, but the friendships I’ve made are warm and warmer! Best wishes to you and the rest of your family who’ve dug in to help you make our town a success.

    • Nicole Cherlet says:

      Ha! It does seem like the internet is full of … perfect ..?. people. Don’t worry, there’s a few of us real folk out there! And we’re always happy to share tips for a more ‘real’ life 🙂

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