Get your Canning & Preserving Supplies Today

Gardens are planted, green things are coming up, and berries are starting to pop. Soon, we will be inundated with fresh produce! In preparation, we’re ordering our canning and preserving supplies on June 7th, and thought we’d put it out there for everyone to claim their tools before we sell out! We have limited space for stock, so quantities are always a guessing game. Some of the larger tools we only bring in for special orders. Sign up below for the tools you need, and we’ll take care of the rest and put them aside for you when they arrive.

If you’re looking for dehydrators, I’ve put together a comparison on our models here.

If you’re looking for high speed blenders or juicers, I have another comparison here.

If there is a tool you need that you don’t see here, contact us below and we’ll hunt it down for you!

And finally, take a look here for upcoming Garden Guru workshops! There will be several canning and preserving workbees this summer where you can get great hands on experience and learn from locals. I’ll be adding details as I know them, or you can keep an eye on the Garden Guru event page on Facebook.

Fill out the form below and we’ll get you outfitted. You’ll receive a confirmation email with the items you chose, and we’ll contact you by phone or email when your order is ready to be picked up in mid-June. Order goes in on Friday, June 7th, so let your friends know where they can get quality canning supplies!

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