Friday Conversations

Today is the last day of Advanced Polls, and Saturday is the big day. As I get ready to take on this role, I’m organizing my thoughts, notes and processes for connection.

If Revelstoke decides otherwise, I’ll still be well organized going into the Winter, so I figure it’s time well spent.

I’ve set aside this Friday to meet with folks; I’m hoping to chat with a variety of people from different neighbourhoods, different walks of life, different industries. I’ve tried to make it easy to book a time so we’re organized; you can do so here¬†online, or you can call or come in to my store Big Mountain Kitchen and the team will help you book a time.

We can meet at a coffee shop of your choice, or a pub in the afternoon. We can go for a walk around your neighbourhood. We can chat on the phone, or through video.

I’ve kept the timing to 30 minutes; pick your preferred time and I’ll try to keep on it to block off extra time if needed to travel! I’m experimenting with the process to see what works best to stay in touch with you all.

Book a Meeting

Speaking of staying in touch, I’m setting up an email list not just for my campaign, but for after the election as well. If I’m voted in to council, I hope to be able to maintain this as a way to stay connected on top issues. After the election, we can sort out the details and the plan!

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