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Food Preservation Equipment Rentals

Borrowing equipment from the Revelstoke Local Food Initiative is a great way to learn how to preserve your own produce (or that from the market, farm, wild, etc.), without the huge investment in equipment you may not use often.
We almost never have any problems with damage or theft, and these simple rules help keep that going! By checking the little box on your LFI profile, you agree to these rules.

Rules & Terms

  • There is no cost to LFI and NCES members to borrow equipment
  • The cost to borrowing our equipment is covered by grants, membership fees and donations. If you feel you get great value from the rentals, please consider donating to continue and grow this great program.
  • Non members can pay a $5 rental fee per week for most items; some larger items have higher rental fees. Please see the equipment list for details.
  • Please do not borrow equipment on behalf of another person. Memberships are not transferable, and the liability will rest with you if your name is on the rental. Fees are nominal, and if they’re interested, perhaps they should also become a member!

First come, First serve

We rent equipment on a first come first serve basis, you are not able to reserve an item. If there are none in stock, we can take your name and number to call when they are returned and available.

  • Garden Guru workshops and Gleaning workbees are an exception to this rule; occasionally we will be holding certain equipment in reserve for these purposes.

Please Return Equipment On Time – We have a lot of members who are interested in borrowing equipment, and sometimes there isn’t enough. If you’re finished with the equipment before your week is up, please consider returning the item early so that the next person can get to work.

Consider renting the item a day or two before you need to use it, to make sure it’s available.

If no one is waiting on the equipment, we are happy to extend your rental for another week. Please call the store to ask, don’t assume, as there may be someone waiting to process their harvest. Please do not abuse our good nature and force us to enforce late fees.

Please Help Maintain the Equipment

Make sure it’s in good condition – you will be responsible for returning it in the same, clean condition. You, the renter are responsible should something be lost or damaged through misuse. Manuals are available with most items, or online in the equipment list.

If you enjoy the equipment, please feel welcome to share a review online to show and tell how you used it. Other members appreciate the inspiration!

Indemnification and Liability

Now, for some legal speak. The renter shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Big Mountain and the Revelstoke Local Food Initiative Society from and against any claim, demand, cause of action, loss or liability (including attorney’s fees and expenses of litigation) for any property damage or personal injury arising from Renter’s use of Equipment by any cause.

Our database of LFI members is connected below; you can edit your profile, checking the check box that you’ve agreed to these rules. If you don’t know your login credentials, click “Forgot Password” and you’ll get an email with instructions.

If you have trouble, we are happy to help you in store. If you have an NCES membership, please bring your membership card with you when you come to rent an item.

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