Eat your Greens

What’s up with all these “plant-based” foods popping up on the news feed? I just saw that KFC is testing a plant based fried “chicken“?!? I’ve never used so many quotation marks in my life.

Canada’s Food Guide has gone through some major changes in the last year, and now recommends that half of your daily food intake be fruits and vegetables. Their new pictures show a plate with smaller amounts of protein and starch, balanced by lots of veg.

Corporate Food figures it’s easier to show you the same plate we’re used to seeing, but with fake protein and starch made from processed “plant-based” and “gluten-free” ingredients to fool you into thinking you’re eating healthier. In the end, you’re still consuming highly processed food with high sodium and few essential nutrients.

Instead, I invite you to build your plate a little differently; it’s time to shift from mostly steak and potatoes, to make room for much more of the healthier vegetables.

It doesn’t need to be dramatic or difficult; pick one new veggie per week at the store or market. At the end of one year that could be 52 new veggies in your diet! Even if it was every 2 weeks, that’s still 26 new ideas for your meals.

Before you go rushing off to the market though, let’s discuss what veggies to get on your plate. All vegetables are not digested equally! 

Our live chat from the Farmers Market in Downtown Revelstoke! Steamed broccoli came out the clear winner, the blanched broccoli tasted bland, and the microwaved was a surprisingly tasty option. Just make sure not to overcook them to get the right texture!

Let’s start with a few easy veggies you can ease into (and use lots of) without spiking your bloody sugar levels. I’ll share some tips on how to make them delicious!


There can never be too much garlic! And yes, this is a very healthy veggie! Garlic helps regulate blood sugar levels, which helps balance the body’s natural rhythms.

  • Eat it raw for a blast of flavour, 
  • chop it and add to stir frys and sauces, or 
  • roast it drizzled with oil for appies and dressings. 


Next on my list is Ginger, another natural remedy for many ailments and a punch of flavour to any asian dish. It is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, and helps reduce inflammation-related disorders like arthritis, lupus, and gout.

  • Chop it and add it in stir frys and pho
  • Slice it up and steep it with tea at night to calm the stomach

Remember when I said add one veggie a week? If green things are rare on your plate, start with these flavourful roots and ease yourself into it.

But then let’s get to adding the Green Things.


Broccoli is high in Vitamin C and a compound Sulforaphane that may prevent the growth of some cancer cells. Broccoli is one of my go-to veggies!

  • Sauteed in butter and garlic, 
  • Steamed and covered with cheese sauce or 
  • Raw with cream cheese dip. 
  • Broccoli, cheese and bacon salad for packed lunches. Try blanching or steaming the broccoli for just a few minutes for a slightly softer crunch!

Leafy Greens

Spinach, kale, collard greens, beet tops, any of the leafy greens are typically high in antioxidants that can reduce the risk of chronic disease and high blood pressure. The darker the better!

  • Eat them raw in a salad (use a mix to ease in the stronger flavours)
  • Saute them in butter or a healthy oil like avocado, or 
  • Chop and Freeze them to add them to an early afternoon Fat Bomb Smoothie to get that boost of energy for the end of day tasks.

Brussel Sprouts

Last but definitely not least, the humble brussel sprout. Packed with antioxidants that are effective in preventing cell damage from free radicals who destroy cell membranes and make cells vulnerable to decay.

  • Boiled,
  • baked, 
  • roasted, 
  • BBQed and 
  • topped with your favourite sauce. 
  • Mixed with Bacon (This is one of my favourites. It’s a thing. You should try it.)

So there you have it, a few real veggies to add to your daily menu. Add an extra scoop of the green stuff at your next dinner. Pick one new veggie per week, make a list on the fridge and aim for that 52 target by the end of the year. What a great way to get healthy don’t you think?

Next week, I’ll go into my Top Veggies to avoid or limit so you can feel great. You guessed it, potatoes are at the top of the list to take one scoop less of. I’ll explain next week, so stay connected!

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