Do you enjoy bubbles?

[symple_box color=”blue” text_align=”left” width=”100%” float=”none”] UPDATE: We’re going to hold off on this for now. The minimum purchase quantities are still quite high, and wouldn’t be sustainable in our market. We’ll keep an eye on it and reconsider again next year.

We’re getting ready to head for Toronto on Saturday (yay! and yes, we’ll still be open!) for our big annual buying trip. This is when we get to see everything new and trendy, touch and feel the products, and talk to the sales reps in person. This year, I’d like to involve you, Revelstoke. I want to hear what you’d like to see in the store as well as whether I’m making good decisions!

One decision that we’re tossing around right now is the SodaStream machines. We looked at them last year, but had to cancel the order when the Home & Business show was canceled. The minimum initial order is a bit heavy for a small community like ours, hense our hesitation. Well, the Home & Business Show is looking like it’s on again this year, so that would offer us a chance to showcase what the machines can do.sodastream

SodaStream Units 2So here’s your question: Would you be interested? If you have a family or enjoy entertaining at home. If you enjoy Perrier or other bubbly beverages on a regular basis, but don’t like all the bottles, then SodaStream might be a great addition to your household. If you have a moment, please explore their website and share your thoughts with us. There are a few enthusiastic SodaStream owners in town already looking to get refill cartridges for their CO2. Chatting with them makes us want to bring it in; they’re so happy with their units. You can order these online, but there are shipping issues with the CO2, so it’s easier for retailers to handle.

SodaStream UnitsPlease visit our Facebook page and scroll down a bit to answer the question (it should be a full width post). The more I hear about what Revelstoke thinks, the easier our decision will be. Feel free to comment with your prefered model and I’ll bring in the popular ones!

Keep an eye on the site here and our Facebook page to see more thoughts and questions from the show. I wander the booths on Sunday, then start the buying process Monday and Tuesday. Depending on how wiped we are, I’ll try and get at least some teasers up each evening!