On the Table

It doesn’t need to be fancy, but a valued dish and a bit of care to presentation will really make your food taste better.

Make sure you have enough of the basic cutlery and dinner plates for your guests! We sell the extras to complete your set so no one gets stuck with the patio ware. 

On the Bar

Mixing cocktails at home is a great way to explore the flavours of our local distilleries. 

Check out the recipes at Monashee for inspiration!

Monashee Menu
$39.99 +tax

Serving Dishes

Bia Scoop Bowl 14oz

$5.99 +tax

Serving Dishes

Bia Scoop Bowl 7Oz

$4.99 +tax


Fondue Burner

$19.99 +tax
$24.99 +tax
$29.99 +tax


Iced Dip 3 Piece Set

$29.99 +tax
$22.99 +tax

Cutlery Chopsticks and Steak Knives

Blending Fork

$6.99 +tax
$5.99 +tax


Taco Amigo Props

$2.49 +tax


Cow Cheese Pick

$3.99 +tax

Decanters, Pitchers and Carafes

Chill Carafe Cooling Set 34Oz

$39.99 $29.99 +tax


Electric Fondue Set

$99.99 +tax
$24.99 +tax

Bar Tools

Sphere Ice Molds

$20.99 +tax
$14.99 +tax
$24.99 +tax
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