Digital Retail Experiences during Covid19

I feel like we’ve been preparing for this day for years.

Up until now, our loyal customers have been moderately interested in our website and “Digital Customer Experience”, but hesitant to engage. It’s just so much easier and more familiar to come see us at the store, even if you have to listen to me rave about how our website is finally working!

Today, our physical doors are closed for the safety of our community. But our Digital channels are WIDE OPEN.

Our vision here at Big Mountain Kitchen is a community of people that have strong confidence in their kitchen and mindfulness in their home. At the risk of speaking from privilege, we have an opportunity to build towards that significantly in the coming weeks.

Moving Forward Together

Our Mission here at Big Mountain Kitchen, the way we contribute to that vision of confident, mindful people living the #BigMtnLife, is going to ramp up through this quarantine. We provide the quality tools that make time in your kitchen more pleasant and productive, as well as the support in learning how to use them. This website is our tool for clear communication about what we offer for immediate delivery and what we can order to fill out your household tool chest.

Since our physical doors are closed for the time being, we can focus on adding more products online to share and telling their stories; we’re in touch with our suppliers and will share updates as we hear them.

Reach out to us with your goals and vision for your homes. Now that we get to spend so much more time with our families and kitchens, we have the opportunity to improve our reality with our energy and focus.

Digital communication is varied, and we will connect with you on your prefered channel. Our main phone line will be open during our normal store house, and I’m happy to arrange to take you on a personal video tour to discuss options.

Deliveries available

We’re offering free home delivery for purchases over $30, available for the low fee of $5 for smaller items. Our staff are following strict guidelines in store, washing hands frequently, sanitizing between any deliveries to make sure we’re being safe. Our online payments are secure and allow us to make contact-free deliveries.

This site’s chat box (bottom right corner, yellow bubble) pops comes straight to me. If I’m away from the desk (I need a break too!), the robots will ask for contact info and I’ll get back to you when I’m working next. Looking for a little conversation? Hop over to our Family Facebook group and say hi!

What does the quarantine mean for your family’s routines? Join in the discussion over on our Facebook Group for our BMK Family, and let’s share some ideas!

To have some fun while we’re all stuck at home, we’re going to be holding some Facebook Shopathons! Join our Deal or No Deal group to learn more about how it’ll work and to get in on the fun 🙂

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