Fill your Pantry with Dehydrated Ingredients

The cherries are coming!! And the Huckleberries! And… well, all the fruit and veg are starting to tease us with their fresh flavours from the gardens and bushes.

The pantry only has so much space; as does the freezer and my calendar for batch processing large amounts of canning!

Dehydrating is a simple way to preserve the flavours of the summer to add a spike of flavour to a favourite recipe, like dried apricots in a curry, or quick simple meals, like dried berries on granola and real veggies in a noodle soup. It’s also a popular way to preserve full meals for camping!

Tools you need for successful dehydrating:

  • Sharp Knife and patience or a Mandoline Slicer for consistence slices
  • a Dehydrator – ideally not transparent (UV light reduces the nutritional value), timers are great if you have to leave your project, digital temperature control
  • Storage plan – air tight is key after all the moisture is confirmed gone!

Why Dehydrate?

  • Low energy needs (runs more efficiently than an oven for drying or a stove for canning; doesn’t require electricity for storage like freezing)
  • Low storage weight (think camping menus)
  • Nutritional value (dehydrating doesn’t damage the goodness like some heavier preserving techniques)
  • Nutritional snacks for anytime
  • Amazing flavour (I now prefer my pineapple dried)
  • Small storage requirements (especially compared to canning)
  • Great for families, gardeners, campers and hikers, and anyone who likes healthy snacks but doesn’t like the price tag!

Don’t forget, we live in a rainforest here in Revelstoke. Be mindful of the power of your machine, especially on a wet day. It’ll take a lot longer than you think to get that fruit all the way to dry!

Order your Dehydrator of Choice

We don’t keep these in stock (we just don’t have the room!), but they typically arrive within a few days. There is a freight cost we have to pass on, but if you get some friends together we can reduce the impact!

Want to try it out First? Check out our Rental Library!

Need some help troubleshooting your dehydrating project? Shoot us a question in the comments and we’ll do our best!

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