Deal or No Deal

Get Cooking with your Family!

These lockdown days are a great time to dive into your cooking skills and bring your family along for the ride.

You may have noticed that we’re trying to list popular products like Bannetons and Swedish Dishcloths as fast as we can here on our website.

Or maybe you didn’t. That’s ok too! Reach out through our chat for whatever you’re looking for, and we’ll guide your way through our site just like we do in our store.

At the same time, we’re also having a little fun over on Facebook with our new group, Deal or No Deal, to show off some of our product lines and categories. Please keep in mind this is for pickup or delivery in Revelstoke only at this time. We’re working on getting set up for easy shipping quotes soon!

We’ll be launching new albums of Offers on a regular basis in our Deal or No Deal group. Typically, it’s in the morning around 10am. Sometimes I’m a little late getting the descriptions up and it’s 10:15. Bear with us 🙂

Bidding will then OPEN!

To Bid, comment on the card with your offer! Keep an eye out in case someone out bids you, you’ll have until the CUTOFF Time to counter bid.
Watch for how many are available – for some items, we will have more than one winning bid!

At the CUTOFF time – typically at 11am the following morning or after the weekend, we’ll start replying to the FIRST comment on the item with either:

  • DEAL! It’s yours, or
  • NO DEAL and give you a chance to counter the other bidders that came after you.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over and join the group! If you’re taking a break from social media, I completely understand. I’m going to be sending out email versions of the group so you still have the opportunity to bid without all the notifications (you will need a facebook account).

Don’t forget, the FIRST bidder gets dibs on beating the rest. Make your moves, then relax and get on with your day!