Congratulations to our Graduates!

Icing Colour GelsThe Teacher's ToolkitDemoLearning to "shape" icingPre-coloured Piping gelIt's all about technique
Multi-hole tip at work!Second WeekSecond week, hard at workElmo completeElmo!Blue Fish
The Fish BowlCupcake class!Cupcake class!Cupcake class!Cupcake class!Cupcake class!
Cupcake class!Final cakes!Final cakes!Final cakes!Final cakes!Final cakes!

Basics Class April 2013, a set on Flickr.

We finished up with our April Cake Decorating Basics course last Wednesday evening, and I wanted to shout out to the ladies 🙂 Great work, it was a blast!

For those interested in joining the fun at any point this year, I’ve started a survey on our Cake Decorating Page to find out where your interest lies. We can then hopefully make a schedule that fits with everyones busy lives!