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One of the biggest benefits of shopping in a smaller store is the help you get from people who know. You generally get to talk directly with the owner, or maybe their one or two staff. This means that we know our stuff; we handle our own purchasing, marketing and service. There is no head office in a big city telling us what to sell, there are no corporate policies forcing our hand. We can just do what feels right, bring in what people are asking for, and learn as we go.

My challenge with building this website and starting to build the online store (with all its hiccups and false starts), has been to create a seamless experience with shopping in our downtown location. We’re getting there, but wow am I learning patience. Technology is changing every week it seems, and keeping up with the new possibilities is a challenge.

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Enter our latest feature on our online store; live chat! If you look in the bottom right corner, you’ll see a little tab there in purple. It’s me, Nicole, on the other side. If I’m in store, I’ll have it on the computer, and I’m practicing with the smart phone app so I can be helpful at any time. Remember, this isn’t a call center or a big corporate help desk, this is Nicole, the redhead at the kitchen shop. If it’s Sunday evening, I might be watching football at the Regent, but I always have my phone around so I might as well be helpful ;). If I’m not available and it says send to message, well, I need a break now and then too, but I will get back to you. Enjoy browsing the site, and we’ll chat soon!