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Good Cooking Habits

In the interest of making our Tour of Cookware a shorter read, we’ve split off our good cooking habits to their own post 🙂 Enjoy, and feel free to share your favourite tricks and tips for easy cooking without non stick surfaces! Once a pan gets hot, you need to be ready to cook. Take […]

The BBQ and the Grill

When the warm weather arrives, cooking outdoors is a must. There’s nothing like it. Family, friends, fun times, all in one place, what’s not to love. So you’re sitting outside, and the family is getting hungry, and the decision comes, to grill or BBQ? What’s the difference you ask? BBQ One of the best things […]

One Pot Paprika Chicken for those Cast Iron Dutch Ovens

Hi guys, a friend shared this recipe on Facebook, and I couldn’t help sharing here. Great blog about entertaining, it’s going on my reading list. The author uses a Le Creuset braiser; but I was thinking this recipe would be perfect in a Lodge dutch oven of any size and our less expensive Le Cuistot […]

Intro to Dutch Ovens

Le Cuistot Dutch Oven

I’ve talked about living with a chef to so many customers; yes, I get spoiled. Yes, I still cook. Love to, actually. Our passion about food was one of the attractions in the first place. I’m getting Glen to help me out in the shop more and more, beyond answering the odd question about a […]