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Batch Cooking and Canning for Busy People

Back in the day, families and friends would gather during the harvest season to cook up large batches of delicious foods for the winter pantry. Groups would exchange jars so that each pantry had a good variety for the winter; no boring, bland commercially bought tomato sauce here! I still have friends who are lucky […]

Fill your Pantry with Dehydrated Ingredients

The cherries are coming!! And the Huckleberries! And… well, all the fruit and veg are starting to tease us with their fresh flavours from the gardens and bushes. The pantry only has so much space; as does the freezer and my calendar for batch processing large amounts of canning! Dehydrating is a simple way to […]

The story behind the Big Mtn Life Campaign

Starting on Saturday, September 29th (the same day as Luna!), we’ll be hosting an online and instore conversation about the Big Mountain Lifestyle. It will run for six weeks as we discuss various strategies for better decision making. I encourage everyone to participate, especially businesses and non profits! Let’s get the word out 🙂 Why […]