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Saturday Market July 21 – Cocktails and Citrus

Trying to stay cool and hydrated is critical, and water just doesn’t always cut it. Join me this Saturday as we talk all things cocktails and citrus and explore various ways of adding flavour to drinks without the need for excessive sugar. I spent several years of my life working behind a bar, and will […]

Saturday Market July 14 – All about Herbs

Herbs! These powerful plants add the flavour to our dishes. Good herbs are expensive, and everyone seems to have old jars of stale dry herbs in the cupboard. So many of these plants grow abundantly in the gardens all over town, but how to keep that fresh flavour for future dishes? Join us this Saturday […]

Saturday Market June 23 – Fermentation for a Healthy Gut Biome

Fermentation has been a growing food trend for the last several years. To keep our gut biome happy, it’s important to send it new friends on a regular basis. Yoghurt is probably the most commonly consumed fermented food; but there are so many other options out there! Fermented vegetables are a healthy, storable way to […]