Canning Season is Fast Arriving

With all the gardens coming into full bloom and the fruit trees ripening, it’s time to consider canning. I’m excited to (finally) can for the first time this year (weird, I know, but I’ve never had the time?!? this year, I’m making the time!). Deenie has been canning for years with her daughter, and she has shared her recipe for canning fish below. Since fish is a low-acidity food, she uses her pressure canner to get it done quickly and safely. You can read a nice (short) article on the differences between water bath and pressure canning here, or come to the Garden Guru workshop!

The first canning workshop is coming up with the Garden Guru series on August 13th. There will also be a series of work bees as the gleaning project collects fruit from the wild and untended trees around Revelstoke. Get involved, learn from locals, and help a project that feeds our people via the food bank!

As for tools, you can borrow a lot of tools from the Garden Guru group, or come down and check out what we offer to buy. We’re getting ready to bring in another order of canning supplies, so now is the time to pre-order at the shop to make sure you get everything you need!

Pressure canning fish by Deenie Ottenbreit


Equipment needed:

  • 22Qt Aluminum Pressure Canner (can hold 7 quart sealers or 24 – 250ml jars)
  • Canning jars with matching lids (recommend 250ml)
  • Jar lifter
  • Magnetic lid lifter
  • Kettle – for boiling water
  • Small pot – for sterilizing lids
  • Good silicone oven mitts for handling jars.
  • Set of tongs may be required.


  • Fill canner ¼ full of water to start boiling.
  • Organize my sterilized fish jars ready to be filled.
  • Fill the jars with fish (cleaned fish with bones & skin on) with 1 inch space from top of jars
  • Add ¼ teaspoon of CourseSea Salt & ¼ teaspoon of White Vinegar to each jar.  This gives the fish flavour as well as dissolves bones during processing.
  • Place sterilized lids on each jar and tighten with ring and place in canner.
  • Canner will hold 3 rows of 8 fish size jars = 24 jars.
  • Secure lid and continue to boil until the canner builds up pressure to manufacturers specifications.  My canner requires that I maintain 11 pounds of pressure for 100 minutes to properly cook and seal the jars. (If you choose to do the water bath method it normally takes 4 hours to process)
  • And now you can start over again, if you wish to make another batch.Once you have completed the required amount of time.  Release the pressure from your canner “CAREFULLY” until it is all removed, and then unlock and open canner to remove the canned jars.