Cangift VS – Virtual Trade Show

We’re going to the show! Watch this space for live updates starting on Monday, February 22nd 2021 as we shop our trade show virtually.

I can’t believe it was just over a year ago that Kat and I went to Toronto. It was an amazing experience, we found some great new lines I’m hoping to reconnect with next week. 

Bonus with a virtual convention? No full day travel day. See those tired faces up there in the photos from past years?? Canada is big, especially when home is Revelstoke and the convention is in Toronto. 

I will miss the touch and feel aspect, but I have a good relationship with our suppliers and I know their quality. I’m excited for video tours of showrooms, planning our space, and sharing the options with you, our Family. 

Join us next week online as we take you through our journey, share photos and descriptions of products we’re considering, and ask for feedback. We only have so much space, and I want to make sure we’re on track!

Bonus of all this? It’ll be easier than ever to get in on our spring orders as we pick out dinnerware, patio ware, linens, bath accessories, cookware, knives, gadgets and more.

On the hunt for something yourself? This winter sure has us spending a lot more time with our things at home! If you see something you would like to upgrade, this is the time to get exactly what you want in on our Spring orders.

Thinking ahead to gifting this summer when we are finally able to visit again? We’ll be sharing ideas and inspiration so we can all dream of sunnier days.

We have a customer wish list going right now, so if you’ve submitted a request in the past, expect to hear from us in the next week as we let you know what we came across!