Bringing the Local Online

Big Mountain Kitchen is a fun store to wander through. Each time you come in here, you’ll find something new if you look in the corners. I worked here for a good 6 months before I really understood all that we offer, and I’m always looking for new things for my customers, so it’s constantly changing.


In the real world, there’s a child pulling at your hand asking for a cookie from the Modern Cafe across the street. Your partner is next door in one of the amazing mountain gear shops eyeing up toys for the next adventure. You need to squeeze the most out of your lunch break, and the sun is shining in the park. You really want to ask me a few questions about cookware so that you’re making the right decision, but I’m busy pouring Olive Oil for another customer. Well, that’s why we’re expanding online.


You spend some of your coffee time browsing your favourite social network. You’re planning a bathroom makeover on Pinterest. You share your thoughts with friends and family on Facebook. You join in the global conversation on Twitter. You get inspired on Instagram. You want to shop local, but so much of what you’re exposed to is global. Let us show you how we fit into the bigger picture!

Our Goals

Taking a micro department store like ours online meant there were a few top priorities I wanted to cover:

  • Stock levels needed to be reflective of what’s in store at that exact moment
  • Reviews from LOCAL people – bringing the Amazon experience to the Columbia Valley
  • Simple, yet secure experience
  • Our products needed to fit into the bigger picture of our research and suggestions. Not just be an online catalog.
  • Make the special order process smoother, and make it easier for customers to request items.

Let us make it easier for you

I recently read an article talking about the rise of Curated Retail as opposed to infinite selection; I’ve said it before and I’ll keep shouting it to the skies; why spend your valuable time off choosing between 20 toasters?? Maybe I’d do that much work for a car, I want to know I’m buying quality and responsible products. For housewares, other than size and colour I don’t really want to do that much work. We’ve offered a curated selection of housewares for years; it’s time to bring that collection to your couch. Or your park bench. Or the waiting room at the dentist.

Sadly, the technology out there is changing so fast it’s hard to keep up as a micro business. Luckily, I’m a research nerd and love this stuff, and being small means we’re nimble. Look for amazing functionality as it’s developed and we figure out how to integrate it!

“Do you know what my mom wants for her birthday?”

Our first trick is wishlists. (You’d be surprised at how many Wishlist programs don’t allow a customer to choose colour and size?!?) Wishlists will serve many functions here at Big Mountain, the first being gift registries for our Brides and Grooms. Here are a few tips:

  • Wishlists can be public, shared via link or private. You get to choose.
  • The store staff will always be able to see your lists and can help your aunt who’s looking to buy you a gift.
  • You can have multiple wishlists for different topics / themes / etc.
  • You can add or remove items from your wishlist at any time.
  • If something on your wishlist goes on sale or into clearance, you will get notified first!
  • You can browse lists of friends and get inspired by their finds 🙂

We have our full introduction to the webstore and some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in our About Us pages; follow the link below to learn more!

Webstore FAQ

Update November 2015: We’re adding a new inventory system to the mix to help with fulfillment and order management between in store and online. Exciting possibilities, but lots of work still to go. I’ll keep you informed as best I can, or follow me personally on twitter @nicolecherlet to hear about my trials and efforts more regularily!

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