BMK1917 – Escali Measuring Equipment

Escali has been a favourite supplier of ours for several years; their lifetime warranties give us all peace of mind. We’re excited to be bringing in their new solar / USB rechargeable scales this fall, see below for pre order opportunities and choose your colour!

Whether you’re trying for perfectly cooked steaks, tired of opening the oven to check on the turkey, or looking to improve your sour dough bread game, we’ve got a scale for you!

Order Has been Placed
ETA: Late September
(will be updated as we get confirmation and tracking)

Updated September 14th

Best Thermometer for Thin cuts of meat

This is the first style of thermometer you should buy – useful for perfectly tender chicken breasts, steaks, as well as the larger roasts. Your choice between manual, digital and even waterproof.

Best Thermometer for Large cuts of meat

If you feel confident in your chicken breast game, or already have an instant read thermometer and are looking for a better way to test the turkey, look no further. Digital Probe thermometers allow you to be notified by the beeper when your roast is ready to take out for resting. Set the temperature and stay within earshot, or get the wireless version and go visit with the neighbours while still watching the bird!

Prefer to keep it simple? The basic Oven Safe thermometer has all your preset temperatures ready to go.

Kitchen Scales for better Sourdough Results

We live in a rainforest and we’re about to go into a rainy season; one cup of flour on a dry day does not equal one cup of flour on a damp day. These scales from Escali feature an industry leading lifetime warranty that we handle here at the store when you shop with us.

That’s right, this is the last scale you’ll need to buy.

Unless you drop it, that’s not covered 😉

Pro Tip – Household Thermometers

Did you know that many ovens are inaccurate? Temperatures can be as much as 50F off, which can ruin your cake. If your recipes are coming out inconsistently, or if you notice your milk going bad in the fridge too soon, having a basic oven or fridge thermometer will diagnose the symptoms.

Special Order Only – Cutoff is September 10th

There are several scales and tools available from Escali that we don’t carry in stock, but that we’re happy to order for you. Place and pay for your order online before September 10th, and receive triple points – that’s 9% cash forward for your next purchase!