I’m excited to bring in fresh lines for fall linens; there’s something about having new dishcloths and letting the old ones move into cleaning rags. Especially if we’re going to have to go back to spending a lot of time at home this fall.

Textiles are not recyclable, so it’s important we buy good ones that last for a long time. Cheap textiles are often associated with horrible working conditions, so it’s important to know where you’re buying from.

Danica takes all of this seriously; their designers are based in Vancouver, their manufacturing happens only in approved facilities, they reward their employees for helping them be more climate smart in their business practices.

People that we want to do business with 😉

Let’s get some back to school lunch kits in!

I have a small collection of lunch and snack bags in stock, but have a look through the full collection and let’s get everyone hooked up with the patterns they love! All online purchases of Danica, Danesco, and Onyx products will receive TRIPLE POINTS – use them instantly for a discount on something you need! (or just want…)

Danica provides us with a wide range of housewares, have a look around!