Now that we have a few orders under our belts, it’s time to really showcase what this system was designed to do. Double Entity is a beautiful mix of two kitchenware companies that has a warehouse here in BC. Shipping is quick, backorders are rare, and parts are often available. I’ll be updating this post as the order is placed and shipped so customers waiting on backorders will be able to check in at any time.

I wanted to get this order rolling quickly to try and get some popsicle molds into the shop in time for July. We’re too late to receive this order in time for Canada Day (I do have a few popsicle molds in stock, but not many!), but I’ve got my fingers crossed for delivery July 3rd. No promises, though, I’m trying to be honest about timelines here! 😉

Highlights of this order

  • Silicone Popsicle Molds from Tovolo – wide selection for pre order, small selection will come to store
  • New (to us) steel tongs from Tovolo (2 sizes)
  • Safety can openers from Kuhn Rikon (including a Ratchet style that’s great for folks with arthritis)
  • Jumbo Ice Cube Molds (I’ll have some simpler round ones available to order next week, but they’ll be a month before they arrive)
  • Kitchen Essentials – the kind of tools that every kitchen needs, and where quality can really change your experience. A peeler should not be a source of frustration!
  • Hard to find kitchen gadgets – I’ve put up my initial selection, but there’s still more to come. If you’re hunting for something specific, reach out!

We’re getting ready to move to a smaller retail location this fall or winter; what are the “basics” that you want to see in stock at your local kitchen shop? What are the “specifics” that you’re excited to be able to order from somewhere you trust?

I want to hear from you! – Nicole Cherlet

Products available to order

(FYI – next order date will be July 25th to arrive in time for August long weekend)