3 Steps to Effective Fall Meal Routines

Come along on my journey to #HealthyHabits Life likes to get in our way. We’re always “busy”. Whether we consciously choose our actions or we let habits take over, priorities get set and trade offs slip through. Do you realize what you’re giving up with the choices you’ve made? Have you chosen your habits wisely, […]

Saturday Market Aug 18 – ZeroWaste Lunches

After a summer filled with camping, festivals, parties and BBQs, we’re all prepared to get back into some “normal” routines this fall. Some schools have gone #ZeroWaste – an admirable move, but how do you make that work in a busy home when the kids forget to bring home their containers? The news is filled […]

Saturday Market August 11 – Mortars for Mixing

Mixing and Mashing and Emulsifying! We had a lot of fun talking about emulsifications during our Salad demo. The thick, creamy sauces and dips that come from proper emulsification satisfy the hungriest eaters. Making them yourself means no strange chemicals intended to extend shelf life. Mayonnaise and aioli, creamy flavourful sauces and dressings. We’ll talk […]

Saturday Market August 4 – Beat the Heat

Ah, summer. Lakes and paddleboards, bikes and dirt stains, sweaty humans and panting dogs. I think it might finally be time for our own version of the Beat the Heat tricks! Join us Saturday morning during the Long Weekend Market in Downtown Revelstoke as we run through so great DIY cold things that won’t take […]