The story behind the Big Mtn Life Campaign

Starting on Saturday, September 29th (the same day as Luna!), we’ll be hosting an online and instore conversation about the Big Mountain Lifestyle. It will run for six weeks as we discuss various strategies for better decision making. I encourage everyone to participate, especially businesses and non profits! Let’s get the word out 🙂 Why […]

On Community Engagement and Consultation

One thing you’ll hear me repeat often throughout this campaign is my belief in community. The strength that comes from the peaceful coexistence of a variety of people and mindsets, where ideas can be shared freely. The resilience that builds when we all care for our neighbours. There are a lot of changes happening in […]

Saturday Market September 22 – Blended Nourishment

I’ve mentioned before that I went on a big Smoothie Kick this summer for my lunches. (Yes, it deserves capital letters, I had a smoothie for lunch for over 6 months…) This was a great way to reduce my Decision Fatigue, ensure complete nutrition, and in the end I lost some weight. By using a blender […]