Blending Real Smoothies

Because who needs more stabilized powders in their lives? Sure, once in a while is ok, but the more we consume thickeners and anti-caking agents, the more our bodies struggle.

I’ve heard many customers talking about these convenient products; the programs are designed to help satisfy your hunger, provide nutrition, and help you lose weight. The pre-packaged products take the guess work out of recipes and make for quick, easy meals. 


They’re expensive. Sometimes they don’t work – you need to do ALL the things, and results vary by body and gut type. 

I’m a firm believer in real food and listening to your body to learn what works for YOU, not the so-called “average body” (which doesn’t really exist). 

I also try not to pay someone else to do things that I’d prefer to do myself. Food and cooking is definitely one of those things. Maybe once in a while, when I’m traveling, the powders are convenient tools to survive a hot truck rather than my regular smoothie, but not EVERYDAY. 

Our Story – Smoothies for over a year

Glen and I have been eating Ketogenically for a year and a half or so; getting a little lax in the summer, but still minimal carb, higher healthy fats, moderate protein, all whole foods. Smoothies, specifically fat bomb smoothies, have been a big part of this. I don’t need to think about what’s for lunch, it’s always the same thing with maybe a minor difference in oil or seeds or fruit type.

  • They’re quick to make now that I’ve perfected the recipe for our bodies and taste
  • They’re packed with nutrition and fat content to keep us going all day long
  • I know what goes in them – no added sugars, and only a bit of stevia to satisfy Glen’s sweeter tooth

We tried stopping the “smoothie kick” for summer salads, but I found I missed the fat content that is so easy to boost through a smoothie. The veggies are great, but I’m making those for big salad dinners and sticking to my smoothies during the work days.

The Blenders

Ah, the tools. I giggle a little bit when people ask me for a blender that can crush ice. If a countertop blender cannot crush ice, it does not deserve to be called a blender in my mind. The difference between the machines that we sell

Our machines vary in volume and horsepower. You can look at a hand blender for smoothies in a pinch, but the countertop blenders are going to be your better tool.

  • Most of these models have a Tritan plastic carafe for lighter weight and durability, but the Bar Blender has a heavy glass carafe if you’d prefer.
  • The compact versions are great if you’re looking to make everyone’s beverage a little different, or only make one smoothie at a time.
  • For basic smoothie recipes, frozen fruit and ice, our regular powered blenders will do fine.
  • If you like your smoothies really thick, or add fresh greens, you might want to boost up to the 1HP models.
  • If you’re really fussy about texture, and want to invest in your LAST blender, the 3.5HP is a great investment. The Cuisinart model, the Hurricane Pro, has the same power as the big brand name that starts with a V, but with our in store warranty support (10 years on the motor!!) and full parts availability.
  • Our newest model, the Bar Blender, is a great option for smaller batches. It has a smaller glass carafe, so the 750 watts is tons of power for all your recipes.

The Recipe

Alright, here it is. I make 2.5 – 3 smoothies at a time, Glen and I share, and the left overs go to whoever is working with me that day. We have a blender and small fridge in the staff kitchen upstairs at the shop where I make them (sometimes you’ll hear the blender going if you’re shopping).

Tip for the Greens: I like to freeze my greens, it takes the “grassy” taste out and makes it easy to keep all week. Wash, spin and chop the spinach / kale or other greens you want to use. Kohlrabi greens work nicely, as do radish greens. Use the whole veg! You can also buy green powders, or pre-frozen greens if you’d like something simple. Add to taste, more greens are great for you if you still like the flavour of the smoothie!

  • Base liquid – about 1.5 cups
    • I like coconut milk or almond milk, the higher fat content the better for us. Vanilla is nice to add flavour to the smoothie, just make sure it’s unsweetened.
  • Plain yogurt – 3/4 cup
    • I use full fat greek yogurt to thicken the smoothie nicely, but any plain yogurt is good for this if your body likes it. Great probiotic, just watch out for the added sugars in the flavoured kinds!!
    • If you’d prefer not to use any dairy, go with more seeds (below) to thicken the recipe if you’d like.
  • Added Oil – 2-3 tbsp
    • I alternate between Flax oil and Hemp oil – both should be fresh and refrigerated. So many oils have great health benefits, why stick to just one??
  • Seeds for a nutritional punch – 1 portion
    • I alternate between Chia and Hemp Hearts. Again, both have amazing benefits. Chia, I use 2-3 tbsp, Hemp hearts I use 4 heaping tablespoons. This can affect texture, so adjust as necessary and work up to larger amounts. Make sure to let the chia smoothie sit for at least 5 minutes in the fridge before you drink it so the chia can do their thing!
  • 1 Avocado
    • Ideally this is ripe, you can chop them up when ripe and freeze cubes for later use. This adds another ton of nutrients, as well as smooths out the texture of the smoothie
  • 1/2 cup berries
    • I like the blueberries – tons of nutrients, lower sugar content. Strawberries are nice too, but the seedier fruits get caught in your teeth with the chia. (Bring a toothbrush or floss!! ha! Please let me know if you see me with seeds in my teeth at work, that’s embarrassing to find when I get home lol)
  • 1/2 -1 cup Greens
    • This can vary pretty widely, if it’s a new green source to you, use smaller amounts and work it up to taste. Be mindful of your blender; the cheaper ones struggle with ice let alone kale. Freezing the leaves of any green will make it easier for your blender, and take away some of the “grassy” taste some palettes don’t like.
  • Stevia or sweetener of choice
    • Sugar is sugar. Whether it’s honey, or agave nectar, or the plain old white stuff. Glen and I avoid it at all costs now, the taste of small amounts of stevia has been our favourite of the healthier sweeteners (and easy to get in bulk here in Revelstoke). I add 2 tablespoons to our smoothie batch for Glen’s palette, although I’d be happy enough with just one.

I use Cronometer to track nutritional values of my recipes, the free version does an amazing job of breaking down both the macros and the micro nutrition. It’s good to be aware of how it fits into the rest of your day’s meals!

You can see that this recipe does a great job of a meal replacement; with bulletproof coffee, a few nuts and a cheese snack, I make it through my whole day. I get some good fiber, and the net carbs are only 16g (total carbs less fiber).

I know what went into my meal, I touched the ingredients, I can add local foods when available. By buying bulk from local shops, and watching for when my ingredients go on sale, I can keep the cost pretty reasonable as well. Time to do some food costing when I get a chance…

When to Buy

A lot of us have blenders, but we may not be so impressed with them. If it’s a Cuisinart, we do have replacement blending assembly in stock for the current models, and can order older ones. Sometimes, some fresh sharp blades are enough.

If your blender is near the end of it’s life, you can either donate to the thrift store or women’s shelter (an older blender is better than no blender sometimes). Keep in mind, we shouldn’t frustrate more aspiring cooks, so if it’s toast, bring it to the bottle depot for Recycling!

Now, or Later?

When you’re ready to buy a new blender, come and see us. We keep most Cuisinart blenders in stock, (except the big Hurricane). We’re happy to order in any blenders that are our of stock, ETA should be listed on each product for backorders. Dropshipping is sometimes available, but typically customers pick up in store.

Not ready yet? Add your favourite to a wishlist, and if you’re a Family Member, you might get a special offer when we’re putting in our orders!

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