Welcome to Big Mountain Kitchen & Linen

We have been known as Chantilly Kitchen Bed n Bath since 2003, when Deenie Ottenbreit founded the store.  She wanted to provide a relaxed shopping atmosphere and give Revelstoke access to quality kitchen wares, bedding, bathroom accessories and towels, dinnerware, knives – well, you have to wander the store for a while to appreciate just how much variety there is.

Today, our selection is brighter than ever, with great summer colours coming in, a huge new selection of cast iron cookware and more to come.  I wanted to change the name to better reflect how I see our role as a hub in our Big Mountain community. The kitchen shop is a resource for cooking in our community; you should be able to come to us for answers and ideas from where to buy fondue cheese, to tips on canning and preserving, or how to make a fun cake for a party. You should also, of course, get straight answers on what makes for good cookware and knives, what does thread count mean in bedding, or what’s the easiest way to peel garlic.

Speaking of being a food hub, I’m working on building a list of Revelstoke food sources,
be they local, organic, or unique.
We’ve all felt the joy when we find a rare ingredient for a favourite recipe! If you’d like to help,
I would really appreciate it; I’ve lived here since 2008, but I’m still learning corners of this amazing town.
This link will take you to a Google Doc you can read and edit just like in Word.

Back to the shop! Big Mountain Kitchen & Linen can help outfit your home for the mountain lifestyle, without breaking the bank. In the coming months, I’ll be building a webstore, but for now you’ll have to come into the shop in downtown Revelstoke to browse the shelves. There’s only so much computer work I can do in a day while this weather is so beautiful! If you’re a bride to be this summer and were considering registering with us, please contact me and we can make your registry a part of our webstore launch!

Thank you so much for your patience as we continue our transformation and growth. I’d like to throw out a few thanks for the new look; Kevin Couenen did a fabulous job painting the shop in just 3 days, Blake Richards Construction showed what could be done with the natural beauty of cedar, Alison Lambert of Smokey Cedars transformed our sales counter, and Lyndi Shaw and my cousin Adam Oates have been helping with marketing and design. Soon, Somewon Snow will be installing our new door decals and we’ll be hanging street signs. We have more projects planned as the summer approaches, so pop in to say hi and see what’s new. Connect with us on your favourite social media account; I tweet semi regularily, creep Facebook way too often, check in on LinkedIn on Sundays usually, and try to keep an eye on it all with Hootsuite, so you get to use whatever tech methods you want, if any. May is going to be a big month for community events downtown, and we’re happy to be a part of it all!