Bedding for a Short Term Rental

No matter whether you rent one room or 12, bedding for your rental is a key piece. Sleeping away from home should be just as or even more comfortable for your guests, and if you do it right they’ll keep coming back to you.

Be sure to come by the showroom to feel and see our bedding samples in store; we wash pillow cases from each line of sheeting so you can feel the quality and see the colours in person.

Budget – how many turns?

Deciding on quality and quantity of your bedding will have a major impact on your budget. Make sure that your bedding will hold up under the heavy use, otherwise you’ll be spending more in the long run!

“Turns” of bedding means how many sets of sheets you have for your rooms. I recommend having at least 2 full turns so housekeeping doesn’t need to wait on the dryer to reset the bedding.

If you can’t afford a third set of sheets for each bed yet, having at least one extra set per size makes replacement easier in the case of heavy staining pulling one out of circulation. “Future you” will be grateful.

Duvets and mattress protectors are less vulnerable; depending on how frequently you plan on washing these, having a few spares is usually sufficient. Many operators will wash them between heavy seasons during a lull in guests. Having a spare allows you to take one out of circulation to deal with a wash.

Bedding Choices

Guests will remember 3 parts of your sleep experience – pillows, sheets, duvets. Mattresses certainly play a role, but I’ll leave that conversation to City Furniture and other bedding stores. Just keep in mind that if the mattress is deeper than 15″, you’ll be stuck buying the higher end extra deep sheets.


Each sleeper should have at least 1 pillow; if you provide 2 per sleeper it’s worth considering offering a softer and a firmer option. I recommend our hypoallergenic pillows for rentals. If you choose to go with feather pillows, I’d recommend having a few of the Celestial or Micro-Gel as the spares in case of allergies to the feather.

Order enough for each potential sleeper, plus a few spares.


Our Hotel Lux sheets are crisp, durable and affordable for rentals. They only come in white, which I recommend so that your housekeeping will see any stains before your guests do.

If you choose a higher end line of bedding, promote the features to your guests in your marketing. “100% cotton sheets” “Canadian made bedding”.


Our duvet from our hotel supply company is the easiest to care for and most affordable. Wool is a great natural alternative to consider; dust mites can’t grow in the fibers so they’re great for allergy sufferers. Nothing feels quite like the fluffiness of down, but I encourage you to consider having a couple of the microfiber duvets as spares in case someone has an allergy to the down.


Your guests won’t notice these parts, but you’ll be appreciative when your investment is protected against heavy sweating, spills and accidents.

Ordering Bedding

We’re ordering our core bedding in batches so that our regular customers can have some predictability for their requests. If you’re looking to order a large amount of bedding, over $500 we can usually schedule those orders at any time. Please get in touch with us by email or through the chat box to discuss!