Bedding Changes

The Canadian dollar has had a rough ride for the last while. We’re seeing that reflected in a lot of our lines, but I’m doing my best to adjust so that we keep a reasonable price for you, our customers. Part of that adjustment is changing some of our duvets, so we’re selling off the old lines.

You can save 20% on all of our synthetic silk duvets, the Micromax from Cuddledown and the Manhattan from Highland Feather. These are both built with baffle box construction so the filling will stay put. They’re easy to wash, hypoallergenic, and cozy warm. Hurry in though, the sizes are going quickly!

We’re also going to be getting new display duvets for all of our lines, so the twin display duvets are on sale for 40% off. These have been touched and felt up for about a year and a half, but are otherwise in great condition. There is only one per line, so 2 down and 2 synthetic silk. Hurry in to get your pick! I have the latest count on our front window at the store, so you can see when you walk by what we have left.

Watch for other changes in store and good opportunity buys as we adjust our inventory to keep bringing you an amazing selection of affordable, quality housewares!