Back to School without Plastic

It’s that time of the year again, getting the kids ready to go back to school. For those of us who pack lunches to work, we also get to re-evaluate our own setups. Last year, we were happy to bring you Lunchbots at a very reasonable price, but the shipping was a bit of a pain coming from Ontario. This year, we are proud to bring you the Onyx line of stainless steel containers. A Canadian company, these boxes are well priced, well designed and durable. The clips on the lids ensure nothing will pop apart and leak in your bag, and the larger sizes are great for hungry workers on the trains.

We were also excited to see Tiffin style boxes; these larger containers allow you to build almost any style of meal and keep the parts separated until it’s time to eat.

Stainless Steel Grades

You’ll note that there are different grades of stainless steel used in the different containers. The basic airtight containers and the divided box are with the higher quality 18/10 steel, meaning they won’t be damaged by heat. The 18/0 and 202 steel have less nickel in the mix, more of a general purpose steel. Commonly found in less expensive cutlery, this metal is still durable and suitable for meal containers, but would not hold up under heat application. When used for lunches, this is typically not an issue, and a great way to keep the price so affordable.

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Natural and Packable Abeego

We are also very proud to continue offering Abeego beeswax wraps, another BC company (can you tell we like responsibly packed lunches in our neck of the woods?). These washable, reusable wraps keep your food alive because of their breathability and natural preserving qualities. Use it instead of plastic wrap and baggies, fold it flat once empty for easy packing home. Try it out this fall and enjoy 25% off while quantities last, and you’ll see why we’ve stopped buying cling wrap.

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Now Designs Bags

NDS15_style_animal_kingdom_bagsCut out the plastic zipper bags and reuse cloth instead! These waterproof fabric lined snack bags are great for sandwiches and snacks, and machine washable. Made by our favourite linens supplier, Now Designs puts a lot of effort into being a responsible company. The fun patterns and durable lunch bags make it harder to forget your lunch!

Please come in store to see the selection from Now Designs, as well as the other fun things we’ve brought in for Back to School!


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