A Digital Introduction to our Duvets

Sleeping under a duvet is a different experience than a simple blanket. The loft and breathability make for a very comfortable sleep when the duvet is chosen for your sleeping needs.

A few years back, we wrote about some basic terms everyone should know about duvets: what the fill was made of, what “loft” refers to, what the shells are made of, and how they’re put together. While all those details are still true – duvets don’t change much – we are excited to offer a new fill choice this year, an evolution of feathers.

The Duvet Experience at BMK

When you come to our in store experience, you’ll find a Twin size on display so you can see the construction and feel the loft of each of our duvets. We keep Queen and King sized duvets in stock, and usually have a few spare twins around. We’ve selected some great options that suit most of our customers here in Revelstoke so we can keep your shopping straightforward. There are of course quite a few other options out there on the market. Please feel welcome to reach out and ask us for thoughts; we can often make suggestions and bring something in for you.

Here on the website, you can read more about what our duvets are made of, and how to care for them. Each product should show how many we have available in store, and make it easy to place a backorder in case we run out. All of our bedding companies are warehoused here in BC, so the shipping is typically pretty quick once we have enough demand to place an order. We’re bringing that timing information to you here on the website as well; if you place your order online, we’ll keep updating your order status with expected arrival dates.

A quick note on Double size Duvets; we do not keep them in stock. We recommend you consider a queen duvet since it’s only 6″ difference and will typically serve you longer than a double. If you really want the double size (for a camper, for instance), we’re happy to order it in. Just send us a note through the chat box in the bottom right!

The Simple: Hotel Microfibre Duvet

Pros: Hypoallergenic, Affordable, durable, relatively breathable, easy to wash

Cons: fully synthetic fibers, not as breathable as natural fibers

Best for: kids rooms, guest rooms, those on a budget

The Luxurious: Canadian Down Duvet

Nothing feels quite like the lofty, cloud like experience of sleeping under down. Goose down used to be the standard, but modern duck down is just as beautiful. We can order a wide collection of down duvets from Cuddledown and Daniadown, but this is our favourite for the Revelstoke climate.

Pros: Loftiest of Lofties, Canadian duck down assembled in Vancouver, lightweight and breathable, washable with care

Cons: Larger investment, some allergies with down, too much washing shortens the lifespan.

Best for: those ready to invest in the next chapter of sleep; a good duvet will last for 10 years. How do you want to rest?

Moisture and Heat Control: The Wool Duvets

Wool is an inhospitable environment for dust mites, the major cause of allergies in bedding. The wool batting isn’t as lofty as the down duvets, but the denser weight can be comforting for some sleepers. This wool isn’t washable (our wool mattress pads are, but it’s a serious chemical process for that to happen so we avoid it when we can).

Pros: affordable natural fiber, great for allergy suffers, moisture and heat control, denser weight, very breathable.

Cons: spot wash only and put in the sun to sanitize, wool allergies

Best for: those who suffer from hot nights, allergy suffers (dust mites can be the major issue), anyone on a budget that wants a natural fiber duvet.

The NEW Affordable: Evolve Feather Fibers

The Evolve Duvet from Daniadown is made with feather fibers; the quills have been removed. This means no pokey bits, and a little more weight than down. It’s also a fraction of the price for those on a budget. We’ve brought in the pillows as well; they sleep a little firm but quite supportive. Note that while the feathers are trackable to their producer, they are not Canadian.

Pros: affordable natural fiber, heavier weight for comfort, breathable, loftier than wool

Cons: not as lofty as true down, feathers from Asia, feather allergies (although the SuperClean process will help if it’s only a mild allergy)

Best for: guest rooms, kids rooms, master suites on a budget.

Duvet Care Tips

Regardless of which duvet you choose, make sure you set up a plan to take care of it for a long life. Follow the washing instructions for your type (scroll to the bottom of each product page).

Consider putting your duvet out in the sunshine at least a few times a year. The UV rays will sanitize each side better than washing in a machine, and most of the nastiness in bedding is near the surface.

If you’re considering a duvet, but are nervous about the investment, a layaway plan can help with budgeting or perhaps suggest to your mom that a gift card would contribute to your better sleep! 🙂 If you’re waiting for that new bed to arrive, add your choices to a Bedding Wishlist so you don’t have to remember later when you’re dealing with deliveries.