6 uses for Ramekins – Say yes to the colour!

Ramekins. Either you have a whole lot of them because you’re addicted to the splash of colour like I am, or you’ve eyed them up and wondered what to do with them. I’ve been reading through a few blog posts out there, and realized that there’s room on the interweb for a mountain perspective ūüėČ

Custard (and other) Desserts in Ramekins

The best known¬†use for ramekins are custard based desserts. These delicious little treats are often finished with a cooking torch for that crunchy, crisp top of a Creme Brulee. Since we’re all watching our waistline to some extent, the portion control offered by these¬†cute little dishes means you won’t grab an extra large slice of cake/pie/crumble. Check out these six desert recipe ideas specifically for ramekin dishes.

Mousse, custard, puddings, anything you can do in a larger dish you can miniaturize to a ramekin. For an easy trick to make sure you get the recipe volume right, measure the volume of the original recommended pan with water, then pour that water into as many ramekins as it fills.

Traditional Cheese and Eggs

File_000The traditional use of a ramequin (as it’s spelled in French) is for a dish with eggs, cheese and either bread crumbs or an unsweetened puff pastry. This savoury style of dish is perfect for breakfasts or an afternoon protein snack. Line up as many ramekins as you have guests on a baking tray and have at ‘er. This makes customizing everyone’s breakfast easy; choose what little tidbits they’d all prefer; jalapenos, sun dried tomatoes, chopped vegetables, or extra spice. Add something recognizable to the top to tell them apart, or use different coloured ramekins to know for sure (especially if there’s an allergy involved).

Think of your pretty ramekins as tools for the perfect, easy omelette/frittata. Serve on a small napkin to prevent the dish from sliding around on a larger plate, and add some sliced fruit, toast, hashbrowns, or whatever your breakfast needs to be complete.


Souffle gets its own heading because these are not miniaturized versions. The “poof” of a souffle is shown off so dramatically when it looks like it’s climbing out of the dish! The trick to these dishes, whether they’re sweet or savoury, is to use fresh, room temperature eggs. (This same tricks applies to pasta and most recipes that manipulate eggs). Read your recipe, plan ahead well, and impress¬†your guests!

Dips and Condiments

Serve up nachos with salsa, sour cream and guacamole all in their own, colourful little dishes. Dip for your veggie platter, mustard for gourmet sausages, pickles and other small¬†hors d’oeuvres for your tray.

Recipe Prep

Ramekins make great pinch bowls; organize and measure your recipe before you begin to avoid the errors that can come when you get to the last ingredient and someone scores a goal in the game. Was that 2 tablespoons or 3? Larger bowls can get in the way, while ramekins organize everything nicely without crowding the counter.

Counter Cleanup

Cotton swabs in the bathroom, jewelry on the dresser, paperclips on the desk. Add some colour and personality to your space and keep it tidy.