5 Tips to Help You Drink More Water

As much as I joke that caffeine makes the world go ’round, it still needs it’s vessel. Water is important to so much of our lives; headaches, poor sleep and irritability can often be blamed on dehydration. It’s something that I struggle with myself, so I wanted to share 5 tips that have helped me to drink more water and keep hydrated. Keep reading until the end to see the March Freebie and our favourite water add on!

Make it part of your routine.

I wouldn’t dream of starting my day without coffee, but now I add a glass of water before my morning black nectar. Think of key times in your day, and try to pair them with a glass of water. Before meals (helps you control hunger and overeating as a bonus), when you get to / leave work or school. You can even download an app on your phone to help remind you, or just set a reminder to beep at you. It takes 30 days to really make a habit, so work at it hard for a month, then it should get easier!

Make it appeal to all of your senses.

Other than the obvious benefits of hydration, make drinking water special. Get yourself a special bottle or cup that suits your lifestyle, looks, feels and smells good. Presentation is key for an appealing beverage (or food); you’ll be surprised at how much more water you drink when you don’t use an old beat up cup!

Find your favourite temperature.

Some people like to drink water next to freezing, I personally prefer room temperature. Know your preference, and make sure your bottle will keep it at that temperature.

Don’t rush.

Big gulps or chugging an entire glass of water can lead to a bloated feeling that many people hate. To make sure you stay comfortable, drink the water a little slower. If you feel bloated after drinking water, you’ll start dreading it.

Make it Taste Great!

The taste of plain water isn’t always great. Unless you’re lucky enough to drink from a mountain stream, the flavours and smells of chlorine and fluoride can turn off picky drinkers. If you leave the water to “breathe” for half an hour, the chlorine will evaporate off.

If you add flavour to your water, make sure it’s real stuff, not chemicals and colours. Citrus, herbs, berries, cucumber, try out different ingredients and mix it up. Using a muddler on any ingredients will bring out their flavours a lot more than simply placing them in your bottle.

Now for the March Freebie!

Our personal favourite here at the shop is our Calamansi Balsamic Vinegar from Vom Fass. No colours, no stabilizers or thickeners, just brandy vinegar and Calamansi fruit pulp aged in oak casks. Vinegar added to water, you say? Yes, it has a zip, but it’s refreshing and healthy. Drinking vinegar on a regular basis gives you an extra source of probiotics, can help lower cholesterol, and aid in weight loss.

Swing by the store in the month of March, and we’ll add a splash of this great vinegar into your water bottle so you can give it a try. We think you’ll get hooked ;). Watch in the coming weeks, we’ll put up another blog post about using the vinegars as an incredible cocktail ingredient! (There may be some fun trials over at the Monashee Distillery too..)

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