3 Things to Consider when Buying Sheets

When was the last time you had yourself a “New Sheets Day”? Crawling into bed naked, wiggling just because it feels so good. Are the sheets crisp, or soft?

Imagine choosing your customized sleep experience, sliding your hands over washed fabric options, comparing colours to match your favourite quilt. The current trend is to softer sheets, but some still prefer the crispness of percale.

1. Measure and know your needs

Is your mattress extra deep from a pillow top? Measure from the bottom of the mattress to the top piping on the edge. from there, an extra inch or 2 will give you a snug fitted sheet, deeper sheets might be a little loose but a good elastic like our sheets have will hug underneath further. Most of our sheets are 16″ deep.

If you’re fitting an older bed, it can be worth measuring the size to get the best fit of sheets. Hospital beds fit a Twin XL sheet. You can get away with a regular twin mattress protector, and the duvet will be the same, but you’ll want the longer length in the fitted sheet.

If you’re in a double size bed for the short term, it might be worth considering queen size sheets; it’s a 6″ difference in width which is easy enough to tuck underneath. The sheets may well last long after you’ve moved up to a bigger bed!

2. A Note on Budgets

Good textiles are not inexpensive; just like in fast fashion, there’s a lot of cheap bedding out there. If it doesn’t last past a season, that’s another set of sheets going in the landfill. If they’re made with microfibers, that’s more synthetic garbage in our environment.

Considering how much we tend to spend on outdoor gear, I argue that your sleep time is worth investing at least as much into. Have a look around the products listed here to get an idea of our price range. If you’re on a tight budget, consider getting in on an order from our hotel supply company from Vancouver.

3. Choosing your Fabric

This is where you should come by the store. Thread count is just a number, not a true description of how the sheets will feel. Names on packages can be misleading; make sure you read the fine print to see if it’s actually microfiber.

We build your bedding experience by letting you feel washed pillow cases from each line of sheets you can choose from. Colour swatches are available to compare, so bring the pillow sham from your favourite quilt or a paint chip from the bedroom planning, and we’ll see if we can find a good match.

Basics in Stock

We keep all bedding sizes in stock in White and Grey in our Athena Cotton Sateen and Bamboo / Cotton blend. Other colours are available to preorder, we place orders every 2 weeks.

Canadian Made Luxury Bedding

For those looking to invest in a higher end, specific look and feel, we’re proud to offer several European fabrics from Cuddledown. Sewn in Canada, these sheets come in a wide selection of size, and custom orders are possible.

  • From: $56.00 +tax
  • From: $44.00 +tax
  • From: $44.00 +tax

Linen Options

Linen is gaining in popularity as people embrace the natural, wrinkly look. This tradition fabric is durable, a natural insulator, and the fibers are similar to wool in that they are inhospitable to mites and mildew. Choose from a more affordable linen / cotton blend or – COMING SOON – a true French Linen.

Laundry Tip for Sheets

Sheets put up with a lot of wear and tear, especially if you sleep in pajamas and tend to roll around.

  • Always wash sheets with other bedding; zippers and clasps can snag and pull on the fabrics, and towels can leave lint.
  • Zip up duvet covers to protect your zippers.
  • Cold water will be gentler on the threads.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach; they will stiffen and roughen the fabric.
  • Residues will make your sheets stiff; a 1/4 cup of vinegar in the rinse water will help get them clean and fresh.
  • Build up your collection of sheets; bedding lasts best when you have 3 sets of sheets. One to wash, one to use, and one ready to go in the closet.
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